Status of residence for sports instructors

If a foreigner works as a sports instructor in Japan, he or she will be granted the status of residence of "Skilled Labor" if he/she meets any of the following requirements.

  1. A person who has three years or more of practical experience in sports instruction skills (including the period of majoring in sports instruction subjects at a foreign educational institution and the period of being engaged in the sport with remuneration)
  2. A person who is designated by the Minister of Justice in a public notice as a person equivalent to 1 and who engages in work that requires the said skill
  3. Persons who have participated in the Olympic Games, World Championships, or other international competitions as athletes and are engaged in work that requires skills related to the instruction of the sport.

However, in the case of managers, coaches, etc. who enter Japan accompanying professional athletes and participate as a team, the status of residence will be "Entertainer" rather than "Skilled Labor".