May 2022

Immigration Services Agency of Japan
Those who have evacuated to Japan with "Temporary Visitor" status of residence from Ukraine and wish to continue to stay in Japan can change to "Designated Activities (1 year)" that allow them to work in Japan.

  I think that most of the people who have evacuated to Japan due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine on February 24, this year, have a "Temporary Visiitor" status of residence.You cannot work with this "Temporary Visiitor" status of residence.Therefore, for those who wish to continue staying in Japan, it is possible to change to […]

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Ministry of Health, Labour Standards
From June 10th, new entry of foreign tourists with ”Temporary Visitor” will be allowed to enter the country.

  From June 10th, new foreign tourists with "Temporary Visitor" will be allowed to enter the country, and the conditions are as follows.・It must be a package tour with a tour conductor whose acceptance manager is a travel agency.・They must be entering from a country / region (*) where the risk of COVID-19 inflow is […]

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"Re-entry permit" and "Deemed re-entry permit"

If you are a foreigner who has a status of residence and is staying in Japan and you want to re-enter Japan within the period of stay after leaving Japan, you can easily re-enter Japan by obtaining a re-entry permit before leaving Japan.There are two ways to get a re-entry permit. ① Re-entry permit This is […]

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