December 2023

Business Manager
Precautions when foreigners establish a company in Japan

In order for a foreigner to create a company in Japan and do business, it is necessary to acquire a status of residence of " Business Manager".However, the status of residence of " Business Manager" cannot be applied unless the company is established.In the case of a business that requires permission, it is necessary to […]

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Working Visa
Regarding application for change of residence status if you are currently residing in Japan with a residence status such as "Student" and have decided to find employment in Japan in the spring of 2024.

If you currently have a status of residence such as "Student" or "Designated Activities (Continued Job Hunting)" and find employment in Japan in the spring of 2024, you will need to change your status of residence to working status.However, please note that the application details will change depending on the expiration date of your current […]

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Precautions when determining the wage of the foreigners to hire

If a company employs foreigners, it is necessary to determine the wage in advance by the employment conditions or contract.However, it is not enough to determine the wage in advance.Foreign wages must be equivalent to the same wage of Japanese workers in the same work.Unless there is a legitimate reason, it is not allowed to […]

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Technical Intern Training
Technical Intern Training Program will be reviewed

Technical Intern Training Program, which has been controversial until now, will be reviewed in line with the actual situation.There are two major changes: Additionally, in line with the above, requirements for supervising organizations, etc. are expected to become stricter.

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