Introduction to the Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists

Akira Yamamoto

Specified Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist (Application-Intervening Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist) 
Registered No. 21100489 
Member of Chiba Prefecture Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Association 
Licensed real estate agent【Registered No. (Chiba)073556】


Born in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture 
After graduating from university, worked for a major telecommunications company, mainly in sales for major companies, and then opened the Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists Yamamoto Office.
I often go abroad and have visited about 20 countries/regions so far.

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Our office is located in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, and our main services are as follows 

(1) Visa applications (work visa, special skills visa, marriage, permanent residence, naturalization, etc.) by foreign nationals 
Immigration procedures can be carried out by yourself, but may be rejected due to incomplete documents. 
Repeated trips to the immigration office can interfere with your original activities. 
In order to ensure that your application is approved, we recommend that you contact a professional Gyoseishoshi Lawyer. 
In addition, an administrative scrivener can apply to the Immigration Bureau on behalf of the applicant, so there is no need for the foreigner to go directly to the Immigration Bureau. 
In addition, when hiring a Specified Skilled Worker, the hiring corporation (accepting organization) needs to build various support systems for the foreigner, so it is different from other work visas.
It is very difficult to do everything by yourself. 
Our office mainly handles immigration work for foreigners, and we are also registered as a Registered Support Organization, so please feel free to leave it to us, including support for foreigners with Specified Skilled Worker.

(2) Inheritance, division of property and wills 
Inheritance is something that most people will experience at some point, but rarely more than once. 
If you have more than one heir, you will have to divide up your estate, but when it comes to inheritance, many people do not know where to start. 
We also recommend that you make a will if you have an idea of who you want to inherit your property and how you want them to inherit it.
At our office, we will respond according to the circumstances of each customer.

(3) Procedures for NPO (specified non-profit organizations)

When conducting social contribution activities, etc., by establishing an NPO, it is possible to open a bank account in the name of the organization and register real estate.
However, in order to become an NPO, it is necessary to obtain certification from the competent authority based on the Specified Nonprofit Activities Promotion Law.
Even after the establishment of a corporation, there are many things that must be done such as holding a general meeting of employees, submitting a business report, and registering procedures.
Our office will assist you according to each situation from the establishment of the NPO to the change and dissolution.

About us

NameVisa Yamamoto Office Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists
(Registered Support Organization Registration number:23登-008547)
Location10-9 Inagedai-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba Prf. 263-0032, Japan
RepresentativeAkira Yamamoto(Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist)
Business hour Mon-Sat 10: 00-19: 00
If you make a reservation in advance, we will respond on Sundays and public holidays.
TEL+81 43 441 5408
FAX +81 43 331 6822



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VIZA Yamamoto Office
Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists

10-9, Inagedai-cho, Inage-ku, Chiba-city, Chiba Prf. 263-0032, Japan
Phone number:+81 441 5408
Business hours:10:00~19:00(Except Sundays & Holidays)
We accept emails 24 hours a day, so if you are in a hurry, please contact us by email.