Procedures in the event that a child is born between foreign couples living in Japan

If the parents of the child born in Japan are both foreign nationals, the child cannot acquire Japanese nationality.
This is because Japan does not take "principle of birthplace".
Therefore, if a child is born in Japan, it is necessary to apply for the child's "Statuses of residence".
The procedure is as follows.

  1. Submit birth notification to Japanese municipal offices.
    It must be done within 14 days after birth.
  2. Apply for "Status of residence" to the Immigration Bureau.
    It must be done within 30 days after birth.
    However, if the child leaves the country 60 days after birth, there is no need to apply.
  3. Notify the birth of a child to the embassy or the consulate of Japan.

If both or one of the children's parents is Japanese nationality, the child can acquire Japanese nationality.