Advantages of changing status of residence from "Technical Intern Training" to "Specified Skilled Worker(ⅰ)"

When hiring a foreigner with "Specified Skilled Worker(ⅰ)", it is necessary to pass both the skill evaluation test and the Japanese language test.
Currently, it is difficult to hire foreigners with "Specified Skilled Worker(ⅰ)" from overseas because there are almost no skill evaluation tests conducted overseas.
In Japan, skill evaluation tests are also conducted, so it is possible for foreigners living in Japan to become "Specified Skilled Worker(ⅰ)" after passing the skill evaluation test and Japanese language test.
However, if technical intern trainees meet the following conditions, they will be exempted from both the skill evaluation test and the Japanese language test, and it is possible to obtain the status of residence of "Specified Skilled Worker(ⅰ)".

  • Foreign nationals that have successfully completed Technical Intern Training(ⅱ)
  • The type of work and work content of the technical intern trainee must correspond to the work category of "Specified Skilled Worker(ⅰ)"

If you become a "Specified Skilled Worker(ⅰ)", you will be granted a total of 5 years of period of stay, and if you become a "Specified Skilled Worker(ⅱ)" in the future, there will be no restrictions on the renewal of the period of stay, and you will be accompanied by your family (spouse / child) is also possible.